Funding of a 3D pizza printer by the NASA. Bioprinting becoming a thing. Approval of the first 3D printed drug by the US... The story of 3D printing builds up faster than it takes to print a Lego block. When it all goes that fast, how do you get the right information? French speakers turn to Primante 3D, a website much favoured by first time builders and experienced users alike. Whether you are looking for the cost of a printer, specific information on the various materials available or a particular training course, you’re in the right spot. All existing solutions are covered, tried-and-tested for the most part. Take your pick from the frequent interviews for a sneak peek of up-to-date best practices and successes of those printing the world we’ll know tomorrow. A place for fablabs, designers, businesses or occasional builders to gather inspiration material for audacious projects. It’s one thing for innovation to be exciting; it’s another to be approachable. Primante 3D has one goal: making this technology accessible to everyone.

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