PrimeSense was the Israeli company that invented the technology behind Microsoft Kinect. It was acquired by Apple in late 2013. Its sensors were able to give devices a 3D view of the world at a cost that was previously unthinkable: about 100 euro/dollars. Its sensor is capable of visualizing moving 3D images and can be easily adopted to become a still objects 3D scanner. The PrimeSense sensor is used inside Kinect as well as into the newly released low cost 3D scanner Sense, by 3D Systems. It is also used as "eye" for many consumer robots, including the Ava telepresence robot by iRobot. TECHNOLOGY PrimeSense 3D sensing technology gives digital devices the ability to observe a scene in three dimensions. It translates these observations into a synchronized image stream (depth and color) – just like humans do. It then takes those synchronized images and translates them into information. PrimeSense calls this depth sensing, which is made possible through the cutting-edge technology embedded in its sensors and middleware.

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