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What is Tribe Life? Tribe Life brings together the latest updates,news, content and video round-ups of the things that makes creating great. We are passionate about 3D Technology and 3D Printing. So it’s not all about products? If you came here via, you might be wondering where all of the boring posts about 3D Printing, Filament, Scanning, Software, Robotics, Tablets and Design are. Well, you’ll be glad to hear, you’re not going to find them – unless it’s useful information about how to care for them or how to use them best to rustle up an amazing meal. Everything on Tribe Life has been created for YOU, not us. Tribe Life is all about what makes your life creative, varied and essentially myself empowered. Who writes for Tribe Life? Tribe Life is produced by a our Tribe Chiefs, trained in the arts of a 3D Guru who make up PrintME 3D's team of Designers, Makers and are the creative and commercial minds behind our Solutions and Services that supports your 3D requirements. Rumor has it that they sleep on a bed filaments and 3D Print blindfolded. Visit our Tribe Chiefs to find out more about us. It’s all about the ME! If you love it, let us know and become a Tribe Chief and add your insight into Tribe Life. If you want to see something different, get in touch. Otherwise, sit back, relax and enjoy.

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