Progol3D® is the new Direct 3D Printing Service Bureau in precious metals and Titanium for jewelry and watch components. Born as an independent business unit of Progold S.p.A., an italian company specialized in the production of alloys and master alloys for the jewelry industry, it offers a 360° service to support the customer in the creation of semi-finished pieces through the use of the SLM™ technique. A twenty-year experience in powder metallurgy and a close collaboration with RealiZer GmbH, German manufacturer of 3D printers, make Progol3D®one of the most influential players in the world of Direct 3D Printing for jewelry. Thanks to an internal R&D lab and a constant monitoring of the production process, the Service Bureau represents a valuable asset to the customers' projects, ensuring excellent reliability and quality standards. 18K Gold in the three main colors (red, yellow and white), Platinum and Titanium: a unique service for every need.

Profile Description



The advent of the SLM technology has overturned the jewellery industry by representing a real revolution of the production processes as until recently known.
Progol3D® is the result of years of research, curiosity and passion for discovery and innovation.
Exploring new techniques, seizing opportunities and inspiring brands and designers towards new frontiers.
Offering a new way of thinking to the market, re-inventing the way to create unique and exclusive pieces.

Progol3D® is intended as a 360° partner offering the possibility to directly 3D print jewels in precious metal, in the most common finenesses and colours of high end jewellery (18K yellow, red and white Gold and Platinum) and in innovative Titanium.
Know-how and experience to support our partners throughout the main stages of the production process.

Service Bureau

You draw, we print. This is the claim that distinguishes Progol3D®, the most competent supplier of directly 3D printed jewellery. The Service Bureau takes over the entire production process, from  the reception of the .stl file to the shipment of the semi-finished piece, ready to be polished.
A support that goes beyond simple production and entails the constant monitoring of all phases and in-depth quality controls.

Range of Services

  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Jewelry
  • Service Bureau
  • Jewelry
  • Precious Metal

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