Proto Crate


What to expect in your ProtoCrate box

$60+ retail value in every box: One Spool of PLA filament, Sample Color Chip, 3D Printed model, Mini-Poster, Featured things to print for your new filament, and Project Supplies & Tools (Calipers, paint, LED, emery boards, etc) - all for less than the average price of one spool of filament.

We're also working with different manufactures to bring you samples of exotic materials such as Laywoo-D3, BronzeFill, and more so that you can test these experimental materials with your printers before you buy.Printing a new idea is only the first step; each box also features new projects, tools, and experimental materials to really see how much mad fabrication science we can do with our favorite robot friend. You can expect to find goodies such as LEDs, magnets, calipers, paints, fasteners, and more.Each box includes a new printed 3D model (and matching poster) made from the very same material we're sending you, so you'll know we'll be in the trenches extruding together. (NO NOZZLE LEFT BEHIND.)

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