PT Scientists

Meet the Audi lunar quattro soon to land on the moon.Equipped with a 4 wheeled electrical drive system, tiltable solar panels, rechargeable batteries and science grade high definition cameras.The rover will deploy and operate a series of technological payloads to demonstrate and explore new ways to shortcut space exploration.

Our Team

PT Scientists are an international team that operate out of 3 continents with over 70 people involved.The most senior member of the team is Jack Crenshaw who was responsible for the trajectory calculations of the NASA Apollo programme in the 1960s and 1970s.Its key senior team members that are steering the technological development out of the Berlin HQ are:
The driving force behind the technological developments of the PT Scientists mission to the moon are it’s industrial and academic partnerships. PT Scientists has been sponsored in-kind and is developing key technologies with many industry players.The industrial partnerships involve the development of new space-graded technologies including power utilisation, electronics, data hosting and optical systems.Partners include NVIDIA, SLM Solutions, CITIM GmbH, TU Berlin, TU Hamburg-Harburg, Austrian Space Forum, TU Vienna, LeitOn, Profitbricks, Schneider-Kreuznach and ZweiGradAdding to it’s industrial partnerships PT Scientists are working closely in technological cooperation with the german space agency DLR. Exploring and test driving new mobility technologies for uses beyond earth.

Range of Services

  • Germany;Google Lunar XPrize;SLM Solutions;Space

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