Puris, LLC was created with the goal of establishing a new standard for purity in titanium and alloy powder.To accomplish this, Puris brings together:
  • The industry’s top thinkers in titanium powder and atomization
  • Patent-pending technology innovations designed to alleviate core causes of contamination and ensure a consistently higher standard of powder quality
  • Rigorous quality processes from raw material procurement through parts production
  • Production capacity to meet high-volume demand as a single source provider
Always appealing for its high strength to weight ratio, titanium powder is discovering new market opportunity thanks to additive manufacturing, which minimizes waste.Puris offers a wide range of powders from Ti-6Al-4V to gamma Titanium Aluminide and the capability to create custom powders to meet specific performance requirements.Our powders can be found in parts and applications from automotive to aerospace and space to medical…anywhere that demands high-strength, corrosion-resistance, wear-resistance and weight reduction.

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