Pussykrew is an interdisciplinary duo of Tikul and mi$ gogo. Their creative practices range from multimedia installations, 3D imagery, videoclips and audio-visual performance, to DIY electronics and sculpture design.Pussykrew is originally from Poland, developed globally via Ireland, UK, Berlin and Brussels, currently based in Shanghai and around the internet.Pussykrew explores post-human concepts, corporeal aesthetics, urban landscapes and fluid identities with their synthetic-organic notions, constantly searching for liminal states within the digital realm. Pussykrew is creating gender-bending visual journeys, filtered through carnal data mesh, liquid dysphoria and 3D fantasy shuffle. Pussykrew pieces are known for their multi-sensory purposes and physical affection.Pussykrew works are being presented in various contexts, such as digital arts and film festivals, independent art spaces as well as corporeal events, tech fairs and galleries.Pussykrew loves dynamic environments, interactive spaces, discoveries and future scenarios.

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