RascomRas is a simple, easy to use and cheap 3D printing ecosystem, so anyone can use it. It has a low cost 3D printer, an intuitive OS, the largest 3d-images repository and several applications.It offers access to the best OS for 3d printing that can be used in all existing 3D printers, to a 3D modeler and a 3D editor software much better that the current ones, to a perfect 3D displayer and to the largest repository of 3D models. We've created a platform for this 3D printing ecosystem that gives the opportunity to buy and sell physical objects and has an integrated cost calculator that makes life easier to private sellers and small 3D printing centres because it gives the minimum price of every object depending of its size and the material that it's made.We don't overlook the applications' developers. We give them the opportunity to offer their creations in an environment similar to iTunes.We use a variety of new print materials, that we've developed, such as Kevlar or carbon fiber.

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