re:3D Inc.® is breaking through the current limitations of 3D printing to unlock new applications and growth markets worldwide. Gigabot, re:3D’s flagship technology, enables industrial strength, large format 3D printing at an affordable price point.  With a build volume of eight cubic feet and robust construction, Gigabot can print objects up to 30x larger than competing desktop models. re:3D’s customer base comprises an esteemed group of specialty manufacturers, engineers, designers, universities, and hobbyists in over 20 countries around the globe.
Currently, re:3D is scaling manufacturing operations, and exploring alternate materials and feedstocks with global leaders in material and life sciences.  We’re so excited to see how 3D printing changes the world, and we’re enjoying all the adventures along the way.We want to encourage the spread of 3D printing and support the diverse ideas for 3D printing applications, one Gigabot at a time.

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