ReDeTec was founded by makers, for makers. We want everyone to be able to create whatever they wish, with no concerns for their wallet or the environment. The design technology available today is spurring a revolution in how people think, make, and create. Hacker spaces, Maker Faires, and 3D printers in schools are all evidence of a growing trend that allows anyone to make whatever they want, without needing the time or skill required by traditional manufacturing methods. But this technology has so far remained unsustainable. Whether it be the cost of buying new feedstock, or the waste generated as you finalize your design to perfection, true creative freedom is being held back by the consumable nature of the industry.With Renewable Design Technology, all of that changes. When the material you use to mould your creations is no longer expensive to purchase and wasteful to use, true creative freedom can be unleashed. Waste can be reclaimed and formed into whatever you desire, without having to worry about how much money it will cost, or what the environmental impact will be. Our first target for reclamation is 3D printing – plastic waste is abundant, and 3D printers are one of the most accessible design tools available today. By allowing the user to recycle their 3D printer waste or even upcycle plastic waste such as water bottles and shopping bags, the technology takes on a whole new light – instead of an industry driven by consumption, it becomes an industry driven by creation. But we don’t want to stop there – we want every technology to be as sustainable as possible. By supporting us and using our products, you’re helping to ensure that anyone, anywhere, can make anything…in a sustainable, affordable way!

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