Reimagine Food

"Reimagine Food Accelerator- The world’s first business accelerator linked exclusively to the field of Food+Tech+Innovation. We help the most promising and disruptive entrepreneurs to get started. Each year we accelerate 20 Food&Tech Startups and take them to the next level. We have identified more than 4.300 startups in the foodtech space, and we are readying to deepen our commitment to its expansion with the next edition of our innovative acceleration program.Reimagine Food LAB- We analyze the significant increase in the use of technology to explore new ways of doing business and investments around the intersection of Food, Health, Tech & Innovation, Startups and Products that are set out to change the way we eat. We also explore the opportunities related to the connection between chefs and technology.In this customer-driven environment, data and analytics are proving to be increasingly valuable thus we detect how emerging and disruptive technologies such as Big Data, Wearable Devices, Internet of Things, Deep Learning, 3D Printing, AI…, will impact the F&B industry, and how this technology is engaging and empowering consumers. "

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