Despite the continued evolution of 3D printing, the technology’s promise has been greater than the real-world use. Especially for engineers who depend on prototyping to help fuel innovation and customized on-the-go production parts. You’ve had to make sacrifices throughout the process, from file to part. Whether for speed or ease of use, safety or strength, cleanliness or software complexity, you simply couldn’t have it all - regardless of whether you used a desktop 3D printer or large, expensive machine operating in a lab.Until now.Rize has developed a breakthrough patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) 3D printing technology that’s creating a new standard for turnaround speed and ease of use in industrial machines that can exist as comfortably and safely on desktops as they can in lab environments.Developed by our legendary team of former Z Corporation, Objet and Revit materials, hardware and software rock stars with over 20 patents, Rize’s technology has been created specifically for commercial and industrial applications, and is ideal for manufacturing complex components, prototypes and rapid manufacturing of short-run, custom products.With the 3D printing market projected to grow from $6 billion to $15 billion over the next decade, Rize is positioned to unlock the technology for new markets, and drive the next wave of creativity and advancement in product design and manufacturing.Our mission, no, our passion, is to put an entirely safe, affordable and industrial-quality 3D printer on every engineer’s desktop.

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