Rosa Ermando

"ROSA ERMANDO S.p.A. is a worldwide leader in designing and building horizontal-spindle grinding machines for flat surfaces and profiles, universal grinding machines for rails and profiles, and creep-feed grinding machines. The manufacturing range of Rosa Ermando S.p.A. comprises single-column grinding machines for grinding sizes from 800x630x480 mm up to 7600x1100x800 mm and double-column grinding machines for grinding sizes from 2100x1400x700 mm up to 5600x1750x975 mm. The different versions include Tech-In machines, machines equipped with NC control for automatic cycles with linear dressing and machines equipped with CNC control for automatic cycle with wheel profiling. ROSA ERMANDO S.p.A. was founded in 1964 by Eng. Ermando ROSA, but the quality of the ROSA machines dates back in time: from an experience that is deeply rooted in the history of the ROSA family who has been active at the service of the mechanical industry, as well as mould- and die-makers for more than a century - from the foundation of the first workshop in 1890."

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