San Draw

"San Draw not only makes an innovative, elegant, and reliable desktop 3D printer, but also provides 3D printing service featuring unprecedented user experience.The traditional silicone prototyping is costly and time-consuming, which includes mold design, mold machining, mold assembly, material pouring, and post processing, and not to mention the additional cost incurred by design change. To sum up, the inflexibility of design change, lack of immediateness of design validation, and high cost are major disadvantages of conventional silicone prototyping.Featuring FAM technology (full-color, adjustable hardness, and multi-material), our silicone 3D printer is the ultimate machine for design validation and custom fabrication, and we target engineer, designer, artist, researcher, teacher, maker, and hobbyist as mainstream customers. The popular applications can be the band of wearable device, cell phone case, shoe sole, mechanical O-ring, medical device, kitchenware, and golf club grip."

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