Scanbull GmbH

"Scanbull, the leader and innovator of 3D scanners, offering creative solutions for a wide range of applications.If you have an online store, present or sell your products on eBay on the Internet, it is high time to differentiate themselves from the competition and enter's 3D era. We allow you to present your products in 3D - easily, quickly, inexpensively and without large additional amounts of data.If you are a professional photographer and want to extend your portfolio in 3D fidelity, Scanbull has products with which you can easily realize.If you deal with rapid prototyping, modeling and machine processing, you can trendsetting with real textures including wire cloud and point cloud generate Scanbull lifelike 3D models - and thus simplify your processes, make them more efficient and above all cost-effective.Start now with Scanbull into a new era and contact us directly. Gladly we will demonstrate our systems in a personal consultation."

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