Schütz Dental GmbH

"Schütz Dental GmbH was founded in the year 1962nd Both experience and an intuition for new trends ensure today the leading position of the company in the market. Due to a large R & D department brings Schütz Dental the latest developments at a very early stage to the market and thus offers customers a decisive advantage over the competition. Schütz Dental sells only products that have been tested according to the current German industrial standards.Schütz Dental combines the full range of dental products in dental laboratories and dental practices: for example, high-performance products in the chemical (dental inter alia bleach, filling composites, denture acrylics), CAD / CAM technology, implants, Navigation System for implantology, TMJ surveying and much more. Our products are designed for processing suited to one another. Schütz Dental hereby offers a ""Complete Digital Workflow"".The ultimate goal of our company is to make an economic and productive work of our customers. Our service does not end with the sale: training, online help, customer service phones and online courses are self-evident for us."

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