Our studio, located in an old knitting factory, provides us with over 10,000 square feet for our creative processes. We are a short drive outside of Philadelphia and less than two hours from New York City. Our building houses our office area— equipped with a 3D printer, large format plotter, and multiple CAD workstations running FEA software, CAD modeling software, as well as other important tools for the design development process. Our prototype shop is outfitted with woodworking, metalworking, finishing, milling and turning equipment, as well as a CNC router and FDM 3D printer for rapid prototyping. We also have a full testing facility with equipment for testing concepts to confirm they will endure in the marketplace including impact testing and BIFMA furniture regulatory tests. All of this gives Shea+Latone the ability to carry out many aspects of the design and development process directly in-house allowing us to more quickly meet the needs of our clients.

The Business of 3D Printing is Evolving

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