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Mother company Meilianxing has focused on UV light-curing products for 17 years, sticking to the business philosophy "Being More Professional, Being More Sincere", company business grows fast, and owns 3 international standardized production bases(Shenzhen, Jiangxi, Huizhou), which are all equipped with international advanced equipments and modern production lines. With mission of supplying "The most reasonable price, The most excellent materials, The best service ",Meilianxing has won recognition from customers all over the world in the course of continuous market developing.In the future, technology R&D team of Yongchanghe company will closely keep up the step with global technical innovation, making every effort to supply the top-quality of SLA, DLP 3D printers and diversified UV photosensitive resins for more enterprises and scientific research institutions. Meanwhile, we will constantly concern for the users’ experience, and bring the convenient 3D printing technology to more enterprises and individuals.
Resin! Resin for DLP 3D printer.

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Shenzhen Yongchanghe Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprises,specially focusing on the research and development of photosensitive resin for 3D rapid prototyping.

“JAMG HE” (Brand) resins is with very high quality that can print the most complicated models with high success rate,nontoxic,eco-friendly and short curing time,it is very cost-effective printing material for most brand 3D printers(DLP/SLA) in the world.
Our resins have revceived very good praise from many customs in jewelry industry,dental and medicine industry,precision casting field,arts design and education,etc.We welcome anytime for your requesting to have sample testing,visiting our factory and establish cooperation with us.

Oversea Marketing Dept.
Shenzhen Yongchanghe Technology Co.,Ltd.
Address:3F, Building 14, Longwangmiao Industrial Zone,
Fuyong Town,Baoan District, Shenzhen, China.

Range of Services

  • photopolymer 3D printing resin
  • DLP 3D printer

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