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The start-up company Sinterit from Poland was created by three creative engineers (ex-google employees). Their product Lisa 3D enables a compact solution for laser sintering technology. Their product has been on the market since December 2014 and it was first in the world desktop laser sintering machine.

Profile Description

Lisa 3D Printer offers unlimited printing possibilities like big SLS industrial machines, but it is very affordable and easy-to-use. Customers are praising Lisa for its great print precision and quality.

It comes with a beautiful finish and allows effortless control. It does not need user attention once a command has been sent, and thanks to its system of wireless control it will save space you would otherwise clutter with cables. Moreover, an internal camera module allows the client to keep track of the printing process in Sinterit’s intuitive web application.

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  • Poland;SLS

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Konrad - 2017-08-02 06:28:38

Best quality of printing for a very good price

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