"At Skeg we understand the process of developing new products. We are accustomed to operating within the confines of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and implement access control as required.Our team consists of mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, industrial designers, and model makers. The team shares a wealth of experience and skill accumulated over long years in the product development industry. Skeg’s projects vary from pure research projects to clients commissioning only engineering work. Other clients use Skeg as a one stop shop, where we take their products from initial concepts right to detailed CAD models to full in-house testing to field trials and on to large-scale manufacture. This YouTube clip shows the services we offer.Skeg has a client base in excess of 700 customers in industries including automotive, marine, household, sports, medical, beverage, advertising, security, agricultural, military and even artists. This YouTube clip shows some of the products we have been involved in."

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