"Manual Artec 3D scanners - handheld 3D scanner manufacturer with the best price-performance ratio, the company Artec Group  , a team of top scientists with expertise in the field of 3D scanning and object recognition. The company can draw on a long history in research, development and commercialization of the technology 3D imaging and post-processing of scanned objects.Systems for 3D scanning Mephisto - manufacturer of systems for 3D scanning company 4DDynamics  . An experienced team of professionals specializing in the development of advanced algorithms for calculating surface profilometry based on a phase shift. This method has advantages especially in adverse conditions, allowing scanners to reconstruct 3D objects with a dark, reflective and scattering surface with great precision.Stationary scanners RangeVision - Stationary scanners Company RangeVision  represent the product particularly suitable for precise technical 3D scanning object and its parameters are destined for use in reverse engineering and quality control. With its affordable price make this technology even small businesses, entrepreneurs and enthusiastic amateurs."

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