Sky-Tech Taiwan Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 2008, and has been leading for intelligence system technology research and development and creative innovation is company goal.We have know-how of 3D printing technology of FFF, SLA, SLS, DLP, material Jetting and binder Jetting, and continue developing on new 3D technology, such as editable 3D printing, metal sintering and biomedical 3D printing technology, since continuous developing for new 3D technology, so we are able to offer products not only at competitive price but also high performance and quality.Sky-Tech 3D printer products have been shipped to more than 50 countries, and the brand image and channel is establishing gradually at the countries of US, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Central and South America and some rest of world, and our moving forward motivation is driven by customer’s none-stop supporting and encouragement.At the start-up stage there only two engineers working at Sky-Tech and 25 engineers has been deployed on project integration until now. Particular for 3D PDM color printer product developing and integrating, there are not only academic experts but also Sky-Tech engineers involved of software, hardware, mechanical developing and total of man and experience is more than 100 years.Under the SkyMaker brand the company offers several products including the Sky-Maker 3D printers (both cartesian and delta), the Magic Box for finishing of 3D printed objects, the 3D Hermes 3D scanner, and the Skypen Dual Color for 3D drawing and fixing of 3D printed objects.

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  • FDM;Taiwan

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