"We produce small series, delivered in less than 10 days. We can help you create your 3D files to print your objects. SN3D offers expert finishing service, developed by its engineers and produced on demand by its technicians. Following our work, your object or prototype will be optimized, with colors revived, more resilient texture and a soft touch and smooth. With 3D printing ""materialize your ideas"" Our machine is a project located 660 PRO Nantes agency.Through strategic and technical approach to advertising Subject 3D®, we help you to create a unique relationship between your brand and your customers, prospects and employees. Our interactive objects 3D® allows to have a statistical return on the effectiveness of your communication action. THE marketing 3D® object personalized advertising, innovative and interactive The object 3D® marketing offers flexibility and responsiveness to communicate your ideas Objects communicants®: With the R & D (Research & Development) we are able to offer objects with amazing functions, unexpected and forward-thinking."

The Business of 3D Printing is Evolving

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