"Spor makes it easy to access electricity. Combining solar panels and batteries, a Spor Charger can power any USB device (or system) that needs juice.Spor was designed to be scaleable and adaptable. Scaling is done when 2 or more chargers are daisy-chained together to add up capacity. Adaptation is seen through various battery and panel sizes as well as our use of 3D printing for shells and accessories.We aim to be a personal energy company, able to provide solar energy systems under 100W, both in developed and underdeveloped markets. While mobile devices have become ever more important to us as a global civilization, the small amount of power required to charge them continues to cause a problem to many at one point or another.Just as the PC changed the way we create and share content, we believe the Spor approach to solar will revolutionize and democratize the way we generate and use energy in the 21st century."

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