Tenco Proto

Appealing to a long and renowned reputation in the production of high-quality models and prototypes for a diverse and internationally spread network of customers, Tenco Proto is one of the most talented companies in its branch. Tenco emphasizes strongly the satisfaction of all her customers’ needs, from SMB until multinational.With its home base and production site in Belgium, Tenco Proto keeps on developing and is always ready to offer an unequalled service by appealing to her vast experience and expertise as well as the most sophisticated equipment. Tenco Proto combines the talents and skills of her team with techniques such as CNC-turning and milling as well as the newest technologies, such as 3D printing and laser sintering.Our finishing department will finish each model, prototype or part, produced by Tenco Proto, according to the precise specifications of the customer. As we use our own installation, the models can be finished entirely with the best lacquering techniques. Moreover, we also developed a long time renowned experience in thermic and UV-hardening coatings in order to improve the characteristics, such as the mechanics resistance as well as the scratch-resistance.

Range of Services

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