The Glass Fablab

"Digital technologies are seated, invited or inviting to the table many areas. In this case, they pass through the field of glass creation (design and digital manufacturing), and many artists combine glass and digital technologies. It therefore seemed necessary to us, face this fallow field, to observe what was played in their reports.The first part of this study, not exhaustive, aims to ""bring up"", to give substance to a reality, to support such works as that of Vanessa Cutler, New technologies in glass (1). We wanted clear, collect, create a thinking tool to share, for example if the observed thinking technologies employed was linked to a more comprehensive analysis on how they play on the perceptions and lives, observing the problems, creative , plastic, aesthetic and see what the subject glass and new technologies in contemporary art placed in friction. And many discoveries were (2), committing ourselves already thinking about a second part, more analytical.Singular? Because for this first movement, we opted for a complex approach, transversal and open, both journalistic and abductive, as the history of art permits, a non teleological approach in order to create spatial and temporal gateways, and driving directions. "

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