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ThreeDotZero Studios
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ThreeDotZero Studios (3DZ) is a customer experience and support consultancy that is focussed on helping technology businesses nail their customer service.
Customer support for 3D Printing companies

Profile Description

ThreeDotZero Studios is a customer experience and support specialist that helps technology businesses with all aspects of customer service.

We help in all aspects of customer service;

  • Defining a customer service strategy
  • Customer service digitization
  • Knowledge management strategy
  • Knowledge as a Service
  • Customer service optimization
  • Customer service outsourcing

We work with all types of business from startup to scaleup to established companies.

One of the key industries that we are helping is additive manufacturing, more information here;

If you have any customer service challenges, we’d love to hear from you!

Range of Services

  • support
  • consulting
  • knowledge management
  • customer experience
  • customer service

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