Metal powders from A like Aluminium to Z like ZirconiumAtomization of metals and alloys with melting temperatures up to 2600 °CFine, spherical, and high purity metal powdersPowders with irregular particle shape also availableOur Specialities:Reactive powders e.g. Titanium, Zirconium High purity powders e.g. Nickel 99,99 High melting powders e.g. Niobium, Vanadium Intermetallic powders e.g. TiAl, NiTi Founded in 1994 in Bitterfeld, Germany, we work especially on the field of reactive and high melting metals and alloys. Due to atomization with inert gas our powders have aspherical particle shape. They distinguish themselfes by an excellent flowability. Therefore they are used e.g. in surface technology - especially for laser spraying and for plasma spraying.The excellent floability and the chance of an economical production of -45µm powders pave our Titanium powders the way to metal injection moulding technique (MIM process).Powders with particle size up to 250 µm are used mainly for hot isostatic pressing or sintering.We offer quantities from a few lbs. to some hundred lbs. - also special alloys on your demand. Whatever you need - don't hesitate to contact us. 

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