Triplaxis 3D Printing Studio

"TRIPLAXIS is here to provide you an affordable 3D printing solution to materialise an idea or concept that you have got. We're providing everything from consultation to designing/touching up all the way to a finish product.TRIPLAXIS provides 3D Printing solutions to all who are looking for a quick and affordable 3D Printing service. Using quality printers and materials, we are able to create solid and durable builds with maximum accuracy. At TRIPLAXIS, we believe in quality as well as affordability.With our own in-house 3D Designers, TRIPLAXIS can immediately provide clients the information they need from the drawing board all the way to the finished product. Consult with our 3D Designers and find out how you can realize your idea. Have no experience with 3D? Worry not, our 3D Designers are experienced and are no strangers in the world of 3D. They can turn your drawings/visuals/concepts into 3D while providing technical advise and have it ready for 3D Printing. Their knowledge and commitment will provide the best customer experience possible. Hence, our tagline “Bridging Creativity with Reality” and that how we work here at TRIPLAXIS."

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