Virtual Planning

“Virtual Planning” was created by a team of dental professionals specializing in 3D imaging with the sole purpose to assist dentists (specialists and general practitioners) in the entire process of performing computer guided surgeries. Every surgery planned will be reviewed by a USA licensed dentists who are certified clinical instructors of computer guided surgeries. At the doctors request a board certified oral-maxillofacial radiologists will review the scan and write a radiology report.Dr. Virgil Mongalo Clinical Director Director of computer guided course taught at Georgia Regents University department of Oral-Maxillofacial surgery. Chairman of Live Implant Training courses taught in the Dominican Republic. Ambassador to the ICOI and the AAIP serving in the credentialing department. Private practice exclusive to implant surgeries in South Florida since 1991. Past associate professor of implant surgeries at University of Florida, Past co-chairman of Robert Morgan institute 2 year Implant program Past chairman of implant department at Catholic University Dr Dan Harvey Master Planner Certified Dental Technician. 32 Years of experience in the field. Involved with digital treatment planning since 2005. Experienced with SimPlant, Nobel Clinician, 360 DPS and Blue Sky Bio.

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