OUR MISSION IS EMPOWERING MAKERS TO TURN IDEAS INTO REALITY The open source software movement has proven that creating and sharing in an open way sparks innovation, empowers developers and makes technology more accessible. Now it's time for innovation in open source hardware technology.THE GROWING OPEN HARDWARE MOVEMENT Advancements in affordable and open source manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, have enabled more people to create products. In addition, the sharing of blueprints and online tools makes collaborating with others simple and effective – so that any individual can turn their ideas into real technology.THE BENEFITS OF OPEN HARDWARE The democratization of technology development puts the maker in control. It encourages greater innovation through collaboration. And empowers people to tackle social and sustainable issues that are not addressed by corporations or governments. The development of technology is increasingly becoming a bottom-up process. Access to making, buying and using technology is growing because low cost technologies are becoming more readily available. On a personal level, open source hardware allows you to access knowledge and improve skills. And on a wider level, it creates a pool of information useful for developing and understanding technology This is a disruptive time for the development of technology.ABOUT THE WEBSITE At Wevolver, our mission is to empower makers to turn ideas into reality. That's why we built our application to be powerful, flexible and intuitive. With our clean design and easy to use interface, you can focus on exploring and building your project. Wevolver is an inspiring place that's open, transparent and social. A place where ideas become reality.WHAT YOU CAN DO Wevolver allows you to explore innovative and inspiring open source technology projects such as InMoov, the 3D printable robot. It also gives you the ability to share blueprints of your own work and collaborate with others on new technology.

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