Winsun (Yingchuang)

Yingchuang is a high-tech enterprise who is engaged in the research and development of the new materials for construction. It currently owns more than 90 national patent certificates. On March 29, 2014, during global press release conference in Shanghai Tongji University, Yingchuang was published as the world first high-tech enterprise that could truly print 3D houses and put forth six breakthroughs of world leading technology and application. At the same time, in Shanghai Qingpu Science Park, it also represented 10 full-sized 3D-printed houses printed by its world biggest 3D printers. Its 3D printing technology is expected to revolt construction, estate and even more industries. Up to now, Yingchuang has been drawing close attention from worldwide media, officials and industry.Beside its 3D house printing technology, Yingchuang’ s traditional products- GRG,SRC,FRP and Crazy Magic Stone have also gained fruitful project achievements and customers’ highly recognition. With 12 years application experience in the market and constant development, now the GRG,SRC,FRP and Crazy Magic Stone can well decorate the interior & exterior walls and various floor models. It has completed more than hundreds of projects, such as China National Grand Theatre, China National Aquatics Center (“Water Cube” for Olympic 2008) ,China Peking Opera Theatre (Mei Lanfang Grand Theatre) ,Shanghai World Expo Center,Guangzhou Baiyu International Meeting Center,Shenzhen Poly Theatre,Fuzhou Grand Theatre, Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre After many years of effort, Yingchuang has established a complete product production and management mode and systems for above products. On that basis, it owns relevant trade names, trademark rights, various patents, trade secrets and other related intellectual property rights.

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