"XinFab is a FabLab effort grown out of the necessity of the hacker/makers community.Right now its on a new site with laser cutter, a small CNC, TIG and Spot Welders, four 3D printers, a Hydraulic press, a lathe, an diverse assortment of power tools, a IR PCB oven and etc...- Workshop Zone: equipped with all the tools above plus a equipments with higher precision and industry grade standards.- Public areas: shared with the hackerspace and a co-working space we have a kitchen, meeting rooms and rest areas.Xin Fab was Born in the first hackerspace in China, Xinchejian. Independently run from it but with strong ties to the hackerspace XinFab aims to offer great tools for the current community of hackers/makers with the lowest cost possible to give real access to the public. "

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