Zedax SA is a rapid prototyping company located on Lake Biel and founded by Lucien Hirschi. Since June 2005, it puts within reach of his large and varied clientele (watchmaking, medical, architecture, design, mechanical, etc.) a 3D printing service quality. Thanks to its modern equipment and advanced technology, it is able to provide durable prototypes with exceptional state of surface in unbeatable time and at affordable prices. From a computer model is obtained in a few days, prototypes in hard resins and / or flexible, transparent, close to the ABS, etc. Suddenly, the ideas become reality! Its services extend to all the areas related to rapid prototyping: computer modeling, fabrication and optimization of prototypes by meticulous finishing (painting, polishing, etc.) and finally selling 3D printing machines. Indeed, in partnership with the German house RTC GmbH , Zedax SA represents the brand Stratasys Switzerland.

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