The design of the Zmorph 3D printer was created in 2012 as a modification of the RepRap open source printer project. The main objective of the project was to make 3D printing technology available to users unfamiliar with programming, electronics or mechanics, but who use ways of prototyping for their own products. Implementation of an open 3D printing FFF technology (Fused Filament Fabrication), or layering of liquid plastic, will allow many artists , architects, designers and sculptors and the rest of the designers to accelerate the development of their ideas. ZMorph printer is a device for the production of digital objects using 3D printing and its dedicated Voxelizer software. A unique feature of ZMorph personal fabricator, consists of easy interchangeability of tool heads, which allows you to use the same machine for the production of objects with different materials. Already at this time the company produces extruders for plastics, cakes and chocolates , ceramics, and mount for a mini CNC tool-head. The plans are for further six tool heads, including the dual extruder.

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