Faster + cheaper = DNA Extruder

Protea Design, a Tokyo based company, after a three year iterative process, has come up with what is probably the 3D printing industry’s most well-rounded filament extruder to date.

At 5 kilograms working weight, massive hopper capacity and compact design, the DNA Extruder can push out filament at a rate of 1 kg/hr. No modified wood-drills here as the machine uses a bespoke extrusion screw optimized for extruding ABS at a documented tolerance of +/-0.02mm. Of course the DNA extruder can do much more than just turn ABS into filament. It also works with PLA, PC, Nylon 11/12, and all of the other commonly printed plastics.

“The main goal was to create a machine that can be used anywhere in the world” says lead designer Alwyn Hartman. The DNA Extruder can work in any country with electricity, 100~250V and 50Hz or 60Hz. Word has it that there the machine is also capable of being ran from a 24V DC battery bank with a slight modification, just if you need to create filament out in the field for example.

Currently available on Kickstarter (, the Japanese made machine is being offered at a staggering $580. Compared to other machines in the same performance class costing well over $2000. Better get it quick because MSRP is expected to jump the price to $800.

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