Introducing The Maker’s Vise

Maker Vise Standing on its face holding a PCB

Everyone needs a vise!  Makers, fixers, designers, artists… if you’re out there expressing your creativity, The Maker’s Vise can improve your workflow.

SpeedThe Maker's Vise is fast!

The Maker’s Vise head glides effortlessly along its low-friction track.  Once in position, just tighten the hex screw to clamp your objects.  Use a short handle for low-torque and high-speed, or a long handle for high-torque and low-speed.



The Maker’s Vise has a compression strength 375x stronger than its own weight.


There are a lot of very large, very heavy, very greasy vises out there that can deliver a decent amount of load.  There a lot of lightweight hobby vises that couldn’t handle the weight of a candle-stick.

But, what about low-weight high-strength vises?  ..This is where The Maker’s Vise excels.  Use the vise to make art or solder electronics, then bolt it down and start cutting conduit.

The head slides right off to easily access to mounting holes.

maker vise with detached head and bolting holes

For Our Maker Community

We’re advocating for full customization of our vise.  As a gift to the maker community, we are giving out designs for 3D printable attachments.  If you have access to a 3D printer, you can print them out for free yourself, or buy them at low cost from us.

The design library is ever growing.  Both on our side and from submissions from our fellow makers.

The Maker's Vise with special handle


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