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CollPlant Closes $5M Financing Round to Advance rhCollagen Bioinks Production

CollPlant, a regenerative medicine company utilizing its proprietary plant-based rhCollagen (recombinant human Collagen”) technology for tissue repair products, signed a definitive agreement with a US investor for a $5 million private placement. The closing of the first phase of the transaction is expected in mid-September. As part of the agreement, …

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Spare Parts 3D

Electrolux Asia Pacific and Spare Parts 3D Explore 3D Printing for Replacement Parts

The Asia Pacific sector of the Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer Electrolux recently partnered with Spare Parts 3D, a young Singapore-based tech start-up to conduct a feasibility study that aims to evaluate the on-demand and distributed production of spare parts. Traditional Spare Parts Strategies Incurs Avoidable Costs To support aftersales …

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Ackuretta to Preview High Productivity Diplo Dental 3D Printer at ADA in Atlanta

Ackuretta Technologies will preview its new Diplo 3D printer at its booth at the American Dental Association’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia from Oct. 19 – Oct 21. The new Diplo 3D printer is equipped with Ackuretta’s patent Multi-Optical Reflective System (MORS) to deliver mass production capabilities with incredible precision. The …

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Researchers Study GelAGE As a Platform Bioink for Multiple 3D Biofabrication Technologies

Scientists from the University of Wuerzberg in Germany and the University of Otago Christchurch in New Zealand conducted an in-depth analysis of GelAGE synthesis. Standard UV-initiation was further compared with a recently described visible-light-initiator system for GelAGE hydrogel formation. The study, conducted by Sarah Bertlein, Gabriella Brown, Khoon S. Lim, …

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Emerging Objects Joins 3D Potter on Revolutionary Potterbot XLS-1 Construction 3D Printer

3D printing innovators, 3D Potter and Emerging Objects, have joined forces to introduce a new innovation in robotic ceramic/paste extrusion additive manufacturing technology. Called the Potterbot XLS-1, the printer represents a huge leap in innovation, with build dimensions and speeds that facilitate llarge-scaleprinting as well as multiple object manufacturing. Its build envelope …

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