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Eco-Friendly Filament by 3D Printlife a Huge Hit Among Big Box Stores  

Los Angeles based 3D Printlife has carved out a niche for itself in the desktop 3D printing market by offering innovative eco-friendly filament ABS and PLA options that have caused buyers, for big box stores, to stock their dot com sites, and become early adopters of the company’s forward thinking.

The two main products offerings for the company are ENVIRO ABS, which is the world’s only eco-friendly ABS filament, and PLAyPHAb a polyester enhanced PLA filament.

ENVIRO is 100% pure ABS, made in the USA, that is extruded with a bio-additive that allows the filament to break down to CO2 and Methane in an energy re-capture landfill setting. This breakthrough filament has set the standard in “green” 3D printing when using ABS filament. 3D Printlife did not stop its eco-friendly forward thinking at just the filament either. ENVIRO is packaged in a colorful spool made of 100% recycled cardboard with a tin flange that is also recyclable. The spool is shipped with a wildflower seed insert that when planted grows perennial and annual wildflowers and the company donates a $1 from the sale of every spool sold to plant a tree!

3D Printlife3For you PLA users out there, 3D Printlife offers an enhanced filament called PLAyPHAb, which is a polyester enhanced PLA, that provides the strength and durability of ABS, due to the PHA additive, but still allows for the biodegradability of PLA. PLAyPHAb is packaged in the same colorful 100% recycled cardboard spool allowing for zero carbon footprints to be left on mother earth when using this option for your 3D Prints.

Big box stores including Amazon and Best Buy already carry both product offerings on their sites, with Target slotted for a mid-June launch of the products and many other mainstream manufacturers setting up the company in their supply chain!

The company’s logo clearly defines their market position: Feel great about your prints. Feel great about your world.

For more information visit www.3Dprintlife.com or visit any of the major leading retailers listed in this article.

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