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Lenovo’s New 3D Printer L20 Proves the Market is Ready for Mass Adoption

At a conference held in Beijing Lenovo announced it is entering the market its first line of compact 3D printers, marking the first time a major technology manufacturer has entered the arena. Beyond Lenovo’s new 3D printer, the Chinese consumer electronics giant  is already active in the virtual 3D market with the Lenovo Google Tango smartphone, capable of capturing environmental 3D data.

lenovo 3d printer3Lenovo’s new small 3D printer, the L20, is based on Intel Edison electronics.  The Fact that the Chinese computer manufacturer (which has acquired IBM’s consumer segment a few years ago) is now offering a 3D printer means that these machines have now reached a sufficient ease of use that they are ready for widespread adoption.

The L20 demonstrates this is the case by implementing all those features that enable plug ‘n play out of the box operation, with a printing process that is stable and reliable. Lenovo is targeting education, design, creative DIY, medical and other industries as potential adopters.

lenovo 3d printer4The 3D printers’ body have a full aluminum frame structure, ensuring stability, with a full weight of 8.8 kg that is both lightweight and flexible. The printer’s 41 liter volume translates into a 20 x 18 x 16 cm 3D printing chamber.

Lenovo’s technology also supports intelligent automatic bed leveling, without complex manual adjustment. Compatible materials include PLA, rubber, was, wood, and more filament materials. , a flexible rubber, wax, wood, rubber variety of printing supplies Ding Liang, can print 6cm floating bridge model. In the installation, the Lenovo 2D and 3D printers as easy to operate, enabling the phone to monitor print status and power protection and the print job to pause and resume functions.

In addition to the L20, Lenovo also offers a smaller printer that is even more consumer friendly and focused on further improve the user experience. Surely this is just the beginning for what is finally starting to shape up as mass 3D printer adoption.

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