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Amazing 3D Printed Chocolate Designs by ShapeMode and CacaoLab Are Ready for Easter

The high number of failed attempts has shown beyond reasonable doubt that you might be able to print chocolate in 2D (or even in bas-relief) but you cannot create real 3D printed chocolate structures. And even if you were able to do it to a degree, you cannot do it in high res and you definitely cannot do it without ruining the taste and consistency properties of chocolate.

However, by using an indirect 3D printing process to create chocolate molds, the possibilities are virtually endless. Milan’s 3D printing studio Shapemode and CacaoLab collaborated during Milan Design Week to show that even cult design pieces can be reproduced in delicious chocolate.

Using a high resolution XFab 3D Printer Shapemode the famous design armchairs which were used to create the molds. CacaoLab used the molds to pour the white and dark chocolate making sure the product’s properties were not altered by the cast. The results are truly stunning.

Not satisfied, the two studios collaborated on another high res 3D printed chocolate project for a collection of unique customize Easter Eggs, preparing for the upcoming Easter holyday. In this case a series of eyewear, hats, flowers and other accessories were 3D printed and casted in chocolate to decorate the chocolate eggs. Once again the results looks absolutely delicious.

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