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Artec Co-Founder Andrey Klimov Sells 30% Stake in 3D Scanner Manufacturer

Andrey Klimov is serial entrepreneur and inventor. He was one of two main investors in 3D scanner manufacturer Artec and invented well-known products as the Artec Spider 3D scanner. He is now leaving the company, after a tumultuous couple of years in which Artec grew significantly but also had to face challenges from new competitors such as Thor3D. Klimov is now selling his stake in the company at a very convenient price (if you have a few $ millions laying around, that is).

For many years I had the great privilege of being a shareholder and inventor for a wonderful company: Artec Europe Sarl(AES) (Luxembourg). I, along with a group of talented engineers, frequently toiled into the night to achieve yet another breakthrough. I will always remember those times fondly – he said.

artec-spider-big-en“But now it is time to move on,” Kimov goes on. “Over the past two years, I have taken a step back from Artec Europe Sarl and have formed new companies and invented new technologies. AES seems to be on a new path as well and has announced a new 3D scanner called Leo (which replaces the Artec Eva scanner). I’m sure this scanner is worthy and I wish AES all the success with this new technology while I, humbly announce, that I am selling my 29.5% share in this company, as well as my 29.5% in the distribution company in California called Artec Group INC.

Klimov formed his first company while still in college and has almost a dozen patents in his name. One of his earlier companies, A4Vision, was the first ever venture project in Russia and was successfully sold to Safran, a large, international, security company from France.  If you are interested in taking over his share of Artec, you can contact him at andrey.klimov@tutanota.com and bid for his shares in Artec Europe Sarl and Artec Group Inc 

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