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Artist 3D Prints Wooden Stag in Anticipation of Game of Thrones Series Premiere

Winter is coming in Summer this year, as the final season of Game of Thrones gets ready for the series premiere next July 16th. In anticipation of what can be considered on of the main TV events of the year, graphic artist George Crudo used Pixologic’s Zbrush to create the 3D model of a wooden stag to be 3D printed and signed by actress Kerry Ingram, who plays Shireen in the series.

“This was a one time private commission I completed for a friend of mine,” Crudo explained on his Artstation page, “It’s the “Wooden Stag” that appears in Game of Thrones, given to Shireen by Davos. The sculpt was completed by me and the engineering was handled by Jake Kemper of Captain’s Forge. The final physical paint job was completed by Susan Attai.”

The stag – as Crudo goes on to explain – was split into 3 pieces: The body, the head and the antlers. The high resolution print was completed on a Form2 printer, using the grey resin material. Much attention was given to the neck to make sure that all the little fur patches would print correctly and that it would imitate the style of the wooden stag from the show.

The piece was completed for a trip to the Con of Thrones convention, where Kerry Ingram signed it making it even more unique.

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