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New BioBots Gelatin Bioink Enables Bioprinting of Complex 3D Structures with High Viability

Many cell-encapsulating bioinks require choosing between high print fidelity or high biocompatibility. BioBots, manufacturer of the first affordable desktop bioprinter and commercial bioprinting materials, has developed a  new gelatin-based bioink which allows for bioprinting of complex 3D structures with high cell survivability rate. The company has also release a full report …

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3D Printing Helps Cardiothoracic Surgeons Create Custom Tools

As a cardiothoracic surgeon at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, Richard Trimlett knows a few things about the heart. He and his colleagues in the U.K. perform 35,000 heart surgeries every year on average. Trimlett typically begins an open-heart surgery by stabilizing the heart with a suction device. But …

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Secure Additive Manufacturing Using Blockchain Technology with SAMPL Project

Additive manufacturing processes and blockchain technology are currently seen as some of the most potentially disruptive technologies. German IT company PROSTEP, together with its partners (see image below), developed an initial prototype of the security solution within the framework of the SAMPL project. Additive manufacturing processes allow components like prototypes and …

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Amphyon 3D Printing Simulation Software by Additive Works Joins Altair Partner Alliance

The Altair Partner Alliance(APA) is welcoming Additive Works’ Amphyon to its software offering. Amphyon is a simulation-driven, process software for powder bed-based, laser beam melting additive manufacturing processes. It allows for automatic optimization of part orientation as well as a build-up process simulation and the adaption of process parameters in …

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