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LPW Establishes Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair to Research Metal Alloys for AM

The LPW / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in ‘Alloy and microstructure design for additive layer manufacturing’ has been created to capitalize on the exciting potential data mining and alloy design for the rapidly growing metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology for novel, high-performance metal powder development. Industrialization of metal additive …

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Researchers Present Gold Nanoparticles Method to Protect 3D Prints from Cyberattacks

With cyberattacks on 3D printers likely to threaten health and safety, researchers at Rutgers University-New Brunswick and Georgia Institute of Technology have developed novel methods to combat them, according to a groundbreaking study. “They will be attractive targets because 3D printed objects and parts are used in critical infrastructures around the world, and cyberattacks may cause …

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Human 3D Blood-Vessel-On-a-Chip Model Shows Cell Migration for Fibrotic Diseases

A team of scientists at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University and Boston University has created a 3D blood-vessel-on-a-chip model to investigate endothelial barrier failure, and found that inflammation disrupts the connections between endothelial cells and mural cells, causing the mural cells to retract or even detach from their usual …

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PyroGenesis’ New Plasma Process Produces Ultra Fine MIM Cut Powders for Metal Binder Jetting

PyroGenesis Canada, a high tech company that designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes plasma waste-to-energy systems and plasma torch products, is has developed a new plasma-based process to produce ultra fine (5 to 25 micron) metal powders. The new process enables MIM (metal injection molding) cut powder production at higher volumes …

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