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Over the last decade Davide has built up extensive experience as both a technology journalist and communications consultant. Born in Milan, Italy, he spent 12 years in the United States, where he received his undergraduate degree from SUNY Stony Brook. He is a senior analyst for US-based firm SmarTech Publishing focusing on the additive manufacturing industry. He founded London-based 3D Printing Business Media Ltd. which specialises in media and communications services for the 3DP and AM industry, through which he runs 3D Printing Business Directory, the largest global directory of companies related to 3DP, as well as two editorial websites, 3D Printing Media Network and Il Replicatore.

Diogo Quental Speaks About New Position as VP for Business Development at Raise3D

Diogo Quental is now VP of Strategy, Partnerships & International Business Development at Raise3D, Inc. Founded in a commitment to provide top performing machines, Raise3D products offer high quality and capabilities at a highly competitive value. Coupled with unique features and a focus on customer service, the company’s mission aims …

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Study Shows 3D Printed Weapons Face Similar Issues As Any AM Segment

Whenever an article or a study is published which focuses on 3D printed weapons a sort of schizophrenic mass hysteria emerges from both sides of the battlefield. The generalist media and public panic over the idea of anyone turning terrorist and 3D printing a gun in his own home; 3D …

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Shiyin Tech Launches Sweetin, a User Friendly 5-Material Food 3D Printer

Food 3D printing is one of the strangest verticals in 3D printing. There are plenty of possible experimental applications and it is definitely something that a large number of people are interested in, however progress in this area has been slower than in segments – such a bioprinting or silicone …

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Siemens’ Ulli Klenk Looks to Further Evolve AM Automation with an Eye on the Energy Sector

The potential for additive manufacturing is as great as the challenges that adopters have to face in order to integrate it into an automated production workflow. Few companies in the world have done more research on these issues as Siemens and few people have studied the industrialization of AM as …

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ASTM F42, a Vision for Standardizing the Additive Manufacturing World

Due to the horizontal nature of the market, the need for shared standards in the additive manufacturing industry is, in many ways, even more relevant than in traditional manufacturing industries. For the first time ever, the largest Standard developers in North America and Europe, ASTM and ISO, have joined forces …

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New Method for Designing Telescoping Structures Looks to 3D Printing

Ever since additive manufacturing began to be seen as a production-capable technology, the benefits from generative and parametric design in creating geometries that can fully exploit the possibilities offered by additive processes became even more apparent. A new computational method for creating complex telescoping structures takes geometries to a new level, once …

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