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Swiss Company Oerlikon to Become a Preferred Supplier of AM Parts to GE Additive

The five-year agreement between Swiss advanced materials and man Oerlikon and GE specifies the provision of additive machines and services by GE to Oerlikon, and Oerlikon becoming a preferred AM component manufacturer and materials supplier to GE Additive and its affiliated companies. Further, GE and Oerlikon will collaborate on research and …

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Premium AEROTEC to Additively Produce First Flight Critical Metal Parts for Airbus A350

Premium AEROTEC, a subsidiary of European aircraft manufacturer Airbus and a manufacturer of aero structures in its own right, has been a key adopter of additive manufacturing technologies in the aerospace sector. Understandable, as the company, which employs 10,000 people and generates 2 billion euros in revenue yearly, is continually …

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United Technologies to Build $75 Million Additive Manufacturing Facility

United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), the global innovation arm of United Technologies Corp, today unveiled its new and expanded $60 million state-of-the-art “innovation hub” on its East Hartford campus. This research and development facility will enhance global innovation at UTC and its businesses as they create the future. The company …

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Fokker Elmo Uses Materialise 3D Printing to Upgrade Cable Twist Design

Dutch company Fokker Technologies, now owned by GKN Aerospace, is specialized in the designing and manufacturing of highly engineered aircraft systems. Fokker Elmo, a division of the company, particularly focuses on Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS), or solutions to keep the immense wiring of an aircraft clear and manageable before and …

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