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There Will Be No Industry 4.0 Without AM Workflow Automation

AM Workflow Automation

SmarTech Publishing just released my latest AM market report, this time on AM workflow automation, that is automation of the AM production line. In this report, I tried to assess what the overall business volume could around the establishment, within tomorrow’s automated factories, of the fully digital production line which …

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Wearables, Fashion and Technology, What’s 3D Printing Got to Do With It?

The Internet of Things, flexible electronics, mass customization, augmentation, bionics and prosthetics, shape memory and programmable materials, sports devices and the Apple Watch. All these trendy tag terms – so different from each other – are somehow described and defined by and contained within the general idea of wearables. But what …

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Ampower Study Calculates Break Even for In-house AM of Titanium, Aluminum, Steel

German AM consultancy Ampower Insights published a white paper which gives a detailed calculation of production costs and introduces the ratio of cost per unit of volume for an easy comparison of technologies and materials. Today, the in-house production cost ranges between 0,86 €/cm³ for aluminum alloy AlSi10Mg to 3,20 €/cm³ …

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Tethon3D CEO Karen Linder Discusses Future of High Quality Ceramics 3D Printing

While most high-resolution 3D printing technologies for ceramics remain quite expensive, Tethon 3D has been developing materials and processes which could bring high-quality 3D printed ceramics to more people and market segments than ever before. We caught up with Karen Linder, author, angel investor, entrepreneur, mentor, artist, scientist and also President …

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Taking AM From Niche to Mass Adoption through Effective Continental Trade Shows

IN(3D)USTRY set out to find additive manufacturing solutions to real manufacturing challenges. After two successful editions, the Barcelona congress is closer to reaching its goals From the UK, through Germany, to Barcelona. If the biggest limit to a real, widespread adoption of additive manufacturing is industry awareness, trade shows are …

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Aircraft, Spacecraft and Drones Reports: the Future of Industrial Additive Production Takes Off

Of all the industrial sectors that are bound to benefit from the transition to additive manufacturing production, the aerospace industry is where the most significant revenue opportunities are arising and will continue to arise in the foreseeable future. SmarTech Publishing provides and in-depth analysis of the specific opportunities in major …

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‘Tis the Season for Low-cost SLS Benchtop 3D Printers

It has been in the making for almost four years, since the original patent expired in February 2014, now the time seems to have arrived for low-cost SLS systems to take over the benchtop and the prosumer 3D printing market. Four years seems to be the necessary time period to …

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Alexander Daniels Publishes Remuneration Study for the 3D Printing Industry

For the second year, Alexander Daniels Global is conducting what is possibly the most comprehensive remuneration study in the additive manufacturing industry. With offices in Birmingham, Detroit, and Barcelona, the company is a unique recruitment agency in the 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing industry, having specialized in talent to enable the …

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Progressing Orthopedic Implants with Additive Manufacturing

Looking back over the last decade, it is clear from the vantage point of 2017 that additive manufacturing (AM) has caused significant disruption in the medical sector. Indeed, in no other sector has AM had such a profound and dramatic effect on the human condition in terms of improving lives …

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