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Memphis Meats Presents World’s First Poultry Meat from Cellular Agriculture

The San Francisco-based leading cellular agriculture company Memphis Meats presented the world’s first clean poultry, derived from cellular agriculture, including both chicken and duck. While a few companies, including Memphis Meats, have produced clean beef, poultry is an unprecedented milestone for the clean meat industry. While these particular products are not …

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Barilla Launches “SMART PASTA – 3D Shapes with a Purpose” Contest

New food design contest on Desall.com: Italian pasta maker Barilla and Desall join together for the creation of new pasta shapes with a fresh design and unprecedented potential, to be realised through the innovative pasta 3D printer, presented at CIBUS 2016. Barilla, always attentive to innovation and technological development, is looking for new …

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Nūfood’s Live on KS and Leading the Next Wave of Food 3D Printing

Evolving from the Dovetailed experience, which originally mixed basic molecular gastronomy with pneumatic extrusion 3D printing technology, the nūfood tasting experience sets out to blend classics with contemporary dining concepts. New flavours, textures and shapes will elevate the dining experience with every bite. How is this possible? Nūfood’s journey started about two …

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