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Kyttanen Shows Off Metsidian Collection at Collective Design in New York

After the guest presence at our own Methesis Metal 3D Printed Tableware Exhibit in Milan, Gallery ALL will unveil two new Metsidian forms by Janne Kyttanen at Collective Design in New York. The Metsidian Shelf and Metsidian Side Table are dynamic works that represent a moment in time – an eruption that melds two divergent materials together.

The prehistoric evolves into the futuristic as organic volcanic obsidian transforms into clean, fluid metal mesh. The result is a compelling metamorphosis; the impossible becomes reality. These two new Metsidian designs traverse the boundary between sculpture and furniture, a harmonious union of otherworldly form and everyday function.

In creating the Metsidian collection Kyttanen has explored alternative methods for combining paradoxical materials. At present we’re able to use explosion welding to join materials that wouldn’t naturally fuse together – what if we could control this force digitally? What kind of hybrid matter could we create?

Gallery ALL will also present a curated collection of Kyttanen’s works including:

Rollercoaster Tables: infinite spirals, exhibited at Collective in a luxurious sandblasted Moët & Chandon Champagne finish.

Rollercoaster Tray: a sculptural infinite spiral, crafted in flawless mirror-finish bronze.

Sedona dining table: a monumental polished aluminum dining table inspired by the infamous red rocks of Sedona; the form references the peaks and plateaus of Sedona’s unique sandstone formations. This design has a strong silhouette and delicate, organic triangular detailing.

Them Romans: a mirror-finish bronze sculpture in the form of a triptych. Them Romans is a continuation of Kyttanen’s exploration of generative design, an approach in which the designer is the spectator that freezes a moment in time.

Each piece conveys Kyttanen’s unique design aesthetic, referencing forms found in nature and beyond. All works are available in limited editions of 8 pieces (plus two artist proofs per edition).


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